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Olivier LAURENT (ACSONE) Olivier-LAURENT ACSONE Sa/Nv Brussels - Luxemburg

mozaik-association/connector 0

Odoo generic connector framework (jobs queue, asynchronous tasks, channels)

mozaik-association/odoo 0

Odoo. Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business.

mozaik-association/server-tools 0

Tools for Odoo Administrators to improve some technical features on Odoo.

Olivier-LAURENT/account-invoicing 0

Odoo Invoicing Extension Addons

Olivier-LAURENT/bank-payment 0

Odoo Electronic Payment

Olivier-LAURENT/maintainer-tools 0

Odoo Maintainers Tools for OCA members which evaluate and maintain repositories.

Olivier-LAURENT/odoo 0

Odoo (formerly OpenERP). Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business.

Olivier-LAURENT/sale-workflow 0

Odoo Sales, Workflow and Organization

Olivier-LAURENT/web 0

Odoo web client related addons