Neusoft Technology Solutions Neusoft-Technology-Solutions Neusoft-Technology-Solutions Hugh-Greene-Weg 2-4, 22529 Hamburg, Germany

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/ffmpeg 1

clone of

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/angle 0

A conformant OpenGL ES implementation for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/armadillo-code 0

Armadillo: fast C++ library for linear algebra & scientific computing -

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/assimp 0

Official Open Asset Import Library Repository. Loads 40+ 3D file formats into one unified and clean data structure.

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/aws-c-common 0

Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C. Includes cross-platform primitives, configuration, data structures, and error handling.

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/aws-c-event-stream 0

C99 implementation of the content-type.

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/aws-checksums 0

Cross-Platform HW accelerated CRC32c and CRC32 with fallback to efficient SW implementations. C interface with language bindings for each of our SDKs

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/boost 0

Composition of boost source code libraries.

Neusoft-Technology-Solutions/CMake 0

Mirror of CMake upstream repository