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Moustafa Mahmoud MoustafaMahmoud769

bishoyngendy/Reinforcemet-Learning 0

Implementation of Maze Solver Using Policy Iteration and Value Iteration

Hamada14/JavaCompiler 0

Lexical and Syntax analyzer for a subset of the Java programming language rules.

heshamelsawaf/EN-Trakhees-Demo 0

Demo of EN-Trakhees 20 questions to test and experiment with RASA Core and RSAS NLU.

MoustafaMahmoud769/ChessGame 0

Simple chess game developed in C language

MoustafaMahmoud769/ClinicManger 0

Clinic application

MoustafaMahmoud769/DBMS_with_JDBC 0

DataBase Mangement system

MoustafaMahmoud769/Paint 0

Simple Paint application developed in java