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Identity as a Bargaining Chip

My proposal is to make the separation of the WebID provision and the Pod Provision even if the provision is by the same party a Solid requirement.


Because if a Solid user is dissatisfied with the service of their Pod Provider and would like to leave they should be able to do so without being inconvenienced.

Inconveniences are brought about by making access to your data dependent on a service which is why Solid separates the app from the data. However, making identity dependent on a service could also be an inconvenient factor that would make an individual hesitate to leave a Pod Provider even if they are unhappy with the service.

An example of identity has been used as a bargaining chip in the past is in mobile phone numbers. Although technically possible to transfer a mobile number from one provider to another the process to do so was so cumbersome that people would desist.

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