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staqjs/staq 35

Staq is a Javascript library for building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products

MeghnaM/fly-away 1

An app to keep track of the location of fly vials at a research lab

MeghnaM/healthy-me 1

A database schema for tracking personal health and fitness data

MeghnaM/senior-design 1

A 9 month team project we made during senior year of college.

jbroll/tpa-show 0

A Firebase backed Art Gallery

Jugal112/cs500-p1 0

Java Web App for personal health and fitness data

MeghnaM/chat-service-protocol 0

A network protocol that provides text-chat service to the user via a simple cli

MeghnaM/design-patterns 0

Small projects implementing Software Design Patterns

MeghnaM/dotfiles 0

A collection of configuration files