Max Gfeller MaxGfeller cyon GmbH Basel, Switzerland Senior software developer @cyon, co-founder @LexFerenda

mafintosh/peerflix 5534

Streaming torrent client for node.js

adam-lynch/developing-an-electron-edge 46

The code examples and example apps to go along with the Developing an Electron Edge book by Adam Lynch and Max Gfeller (Bleeding Edge Press).

cyon/hakuna-menubar 8

Hakuna Menubar app for macOS

gmickel/giffer-adapter-twitter 3

Twitter adapter for giffer

MaxGfeller/array-patch 2

Create patch diffs for arrays

MaxGfeller/ampersand-tab-view 1

Tabbed view for Ampersand.js

MaxGfeller/apply-css 1

Apply a stylesheet only to a specific scope

MaxGfeller/backbone-example-mongee-client 1

Simple backbone.js example

MaxGfeller/blueprint 1

Blueprint for a Startup. Middleware, & MVC routing over Node.js & Mongoose


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created repositorymafintosh/raxor

A seekable (random-access) XSALSA20 xor stream

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fork aredridel/magento-lts

Official OpenMage LTS codebase | Migrate easily from Magento Community Edition in minutes! Download the source code for free or contribute to OpenMage LTS | Security vulnerability patches, bug fixes, performance improvements and more.

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created repositorymafintosh/git-rev-head

Get the current HEAD revision of a Git repo

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fork okdistribute/why-hypercore

Exploration of Hypercore's breakthrough designs and capabilities, uncovering its gems that may be scattered across different github accounts (official and community-led), and learning to think from the "first principles" of P2P, while using the best Cloud, AI and blockchain have to offer.

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fork Seldaek/form

The Form component allows you to easily create, process and reuse HTML forms.

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created repositorymafintosh/big-sparse-array

A sparse array optimised for low memory whilst still being fast

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created repositorybrentvatne/hardcodet

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issue openedcyon/vue-translation-manager

Allow generation of keys via CLI without having to manually input strings

I find that the biggest value that vue-translation-manager gives me is the ability to replace all strings in my project with translation keys automatically. After I have these keys I use Google-translate via BabelEdit to translate from my starting language to others.

That being said, I currently place a coffee cup on my ENTER key and walk away for a few minutes while it finishes converting keys, however I wish I could just have it do this without holding enter, and without prompting me to add text for other translations.

Is there currently a better way to do this than I am already doing?

If not, I'd really appreciate this feature.

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fork mathieudutour/DefinitelyTyped

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

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