Markus Pettersson MarkusPettersson98 Gothenburg, Sweden Software Engineering student at Chalmers University of Technology. Self employed, aspiring Lisper.

MarkusPettersson98/Expresso 4

Code repository for group togepi

felixkorch/Kandidatarbete-LLVMES 3

This project demonstrates how recompilation can improve performance in emulators, in this case for the legacy 6502 processor.

MarkusPettersson98/HaveIBeenPwned-Clj 1

A port of my other HaveIBeenPwned project, now in Clojure!

MarkusPettersson98/PaintIT 1

Objektorienterat Programmeringsprojekt

MarkusPettersson98/ascii-art 0

A Node.js library for ansi codes, figlet fonts, ascii art and other ASCII graphics

MarkusPettersson98/bitaddict-hack 0

BItAddict Hack 2019

MarkusPettersson98/book 0

The Rust Programming Language

MarkusPettersson98/bs-react-iframe 0

reason-react bindings for react-iframe

MarkusPettersson98/clojure-koans 0

A set of exercises for learning Clojure

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Add support for the Crystal programming language.

Thank you for the quick response!

I agree that the original color scheme might be hard to read in most terminals, so I swapped black and white in this case.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 14 34 10

Dark/light-mode feature incoming? 😉

Thanks! @spenserblack


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Markus Pettersson

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Inverse black and white in Crystal ascii art Increase readability in a black terminal.

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PR opened o2sh/onefetch

Add support for the Crystal programming language.

Add support for Crystal repositories. This resolves issue #144.

Love the new language declaration macro, it's super handy! 😄

Hope your Hacktoberfest won't be as spammy as some other repositories. Keep up the great work!

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pull request commentfuxialexander/org-pdftools

Small fixes to `org-pdftools-export`

Can confirm, this fixes both the link name being rendered as 'nil' as well as making the link open in my pdf viewer. Great job! :+1:


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