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Marcelo Theodoro Marcelo-Theodoro I like to code. I like to solve problems, even when some of them are not solved only by code.

Marcelo-Theodoro/web2clinic 14

web2clinic - sistema de gerenciamento para clínicas médicas

gabrielascalon/tutorial-djangogirls 3

A simple blog using python3 and django. Result of the djangogirls tutorial

gabrielascalon/insta-ish 1

Practice repository for an REST API that simulates instagram behaviour

Marcelo-Theodoro/lambdatotp 1

lambdatotp is an application to implement TOTP authentication using Amazon Lambda e DynamoDB.

Marcelo-Theodoro/web2py_cart 1

web2py_cart is a module that implements a cart for web2py. It uses sessions to store the information.

Marcelo-Theodoro/zipcode_rest 1

REST app que permite a inserção, exclusão, listagem e detalhamento de CEPs.

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