MaratMussabekov/azure-docs 0

Open source documentation of Microsoft Azure

MaratMussabekov/data-integration 0

Microsoft documentation on data integration for different services and features

MaratMussabekov/Devices-docs 0

Contains documentation for Surface and Surface Hub

MaratMussabekov/IntuneDocs 0

Public repo for Intune content in OPS

MaratMussabekov/mdop-docs 0

Contains documentation for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

MaratMussabekov/memdocs 0

Enable Public Contributions

MaratMussabekov/microsoft-365-docs 0

This repo is used to host the source for the Microsoft 365 documentation on

MaratMussabekov/office-docs-powershell 0

PowerShell Reference for Office Products - Short URL:

MaratMussabekov/OfficeDocs-Enterprise 0

Documentation for Office 365 Enterprise features

MaratMussabekov/OfficeDocs-Exchange 0

Contains documentation for Exchange Server and Exchange Online

fork illfated/WSL

Source code behind the Windows Subsystem for Linux documentation.

fork in a month

fork illfated/TrinityCore

TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework (master =, 3.3.5 = 3.3.5a.12340)

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