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Manuel-K/devilutionX-QOL-patches 23

QOL improvements for devilutionX

Manuel-K/shruthi-editor 17

An unofficial Editor for the Shruthi hardware synthesizer.

Manuel-K/SimpleSysexxer 11

Simple Sysexxer is a universal tool to exchange MIDI system exclusive data (aka SysEx) with digital musical instruments. Personal copy with minor changes.

Manuel-K/doomretro 1

The classic, refined DOOM source port. For Windows PC.

Manuel-K/bstone 0

A source port of Blake Stone: Planet Strike

Manuel-K/devilution 0

Diablo devolved - magic behind the 1996 computer game

Manuel-K/devilutionX 0

Diablo build for modern operating systems

Manuel-K/Doom64EX 0

Doom64EX is a reverse-engineering project aimed to recreate Doom64 as close as possible with additional modding features.

Manuel-K/fsoinstaller 0

The Java installer for FS2_Open and the collection of mods from the Hard Light Productions community.

Manuel-K/ja2-stracciatella 0

This is continuation of venerable JA2-Stracciatella project.