Jimmy Thomson MSLaguana Microsoft

microsoft/TACO 193

Tools for Apache Cordova

adnathan/PhoneGapDay 41

Demonstrates Ace + Ionic. Source code for the live PhoneGap Day app.

xamarin/Xamarin.MacDev 21

Support libraries for xamarin-macios

xamarin/apple-api-docs 16

Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Mac API documentation in ECMA XML format

MSLaguana/ai-third-party-patches 1

Node package providing additional integration with specific third-party packages

MSLaguana/ApplicationInsights-node.js 0

Microsoft Application Insights SDK for node.js

MSLaguana/ChakraCore 0

ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra Javascript engine that powers Microsoft Edge

MSLaguana/cordova-windows 0

Mirror of Apache Cordova Windows

issue commentlinkerd/linkerd2

Persistent spike in CPU usage

Disabling the default backend didn't fix the issue for me, it did come back again as stated in

However after I manually fixed it (redeploying the impacted ingress pod) a second time, I didn't see it happen again after that yet. I don't think it's fixed, so much as the (unknown) trigger hasn't happened for me again yet.


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