AlexisEidelman/OptimalMatchingAnalysis 0

Optimal Matching Analysis is useuful when trying to compare sequences (career, time schedule, DNA sequences).

LouisePaulDelvaux/biryani 0

A conversion and validation toolbox

LouisePaulDelvaux/legislation-ipp-to-code 0

Convert TaxIPP legislation files to code

LouisePaulDelvaux/liam2 0

Framework for developping microsimulation models

LouisePaulDelvaux/matching-patrimoine-eic 0

This repository aims to provide a statistical matching between the French wealth survey (Enquête Patrimoine) and administrative data from pension schemes (EIC, Echantillon Interrégimes de cotisants).

LouisePaulDelvaux/openfisca 0

Microsimulation du système socio-fiscal français

LouisePaulDelvaux/openfisca-core 0

Core module of OpenFisca, with neither GUI nor countries-specific code & data

LouisePaulDelvaux/openfisca-france 0

French specific module for OpenFisca

LouisePaulDelvaux/openfisca-plugin-aggregates 0

A plugin that adds aggregates handling to OpenFisca