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Lion Yang LionNatsu @AOSC-Dev Guangzhou Guangdong, China Majored in Japanese. Interested in reverse engineering, low-level programming, DIY electronics, and also mathematics. Human-like debugger.

LionNatsu/hilldust 17

Yet another implementation of Hillstone™ Secure Connect VPN Client

LionNatsu/bigcat-dbg 5

My debugging tools for Linux. Everyone is welcome to add new stuff!

LionNatsu/CLionet 5

The package of Windows Socket in FreeBASIC.

LionNatsu/greenError 4

Discover the reason how `terribleGreen`(my another repo.) works on Android.

LionNatsu/dgtcp 3

An implementation of TCP-based datagram-style protocol

GlockChem/GlockChem 2


LionNatsu/bigcat-blas 2

A simple C++ linear algebra library.

LionNatsu/enroll-wrapper 1

New Shell for 'SMU Enrolling System'


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