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Dominic Valenciana Kiricon @twitter Bellevue, WA I make things at @Twitter and overly obsesses on a single topic for months at a time.

Kiricon/emoji-selector 7

A minimal, no library, no framework HTML custom element that lets you pick and search emojis for use

Ellesent/guac-storage 3

A Simple File Storage Server

Kiricon/blaze-html 3

A javascript framework

Ellesent/FantasyHarvest 1

Harvest Moon like game for Android

Kiricon/Climb 1

A fast paced, pure Javascript (no library) HTML5 game. :space_invader: :video_game:

Kiricon/Easy-Component 1

A super simple es6 parent class for making components like React.

Kiricon/generator-kiricon-website 1

A Yeoman generator I use for allot of my projects.

aeolingamenfel/PizzaRolls 0

Pizza Roll Converter.

Ellesent/GitHubGameJam2018 0

Game for the GitHub Game Jam 2018


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