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Jwomers/many-time-pad-attack 38

Attacking A Many Time Pad - Cryptography

Jwomers/burrows_wheeler_alignment 9

A python implementation of the Burrows Wheeler Alignment for DNA sequence matching

akoumjian/python-safety-vuln 3

Circumvent any python package scanner installed to the same python environment.

Jwomers/buildhub 0

Mozilla Build Metadata Service

Jwomers/ 0

GitHub Pages

Jwomers/migen 0

A Python toolbox for building complex digital hardware

Jwomers/mozilla-version 0

Process Firefox versions numbers. Tell whether they are valid or not, whether they are nightlies or regular releases, whether this version precedes that other

Jwomers/mythril-classic 0

Mythril Classic: Security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts

Jwomers/pinax-stripe 0

a payments Django app for Stripe

Jwomers/tecken 0

Mozilla Symbol Server


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