JordanShurmer/eleventy-plugin-nesting-toc 17

11ty plugin to generate a TOC from page content

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Documentation site for the Eleventy static site generator.

JordanShurmer/AsyncIterator 0

An asynchronous iterator library for advanced object pipelines in JavaScript

JordanShurmer/awesome-aem 0

A curated list of awesome AEM related resources. Blogs, frameworks, articles, libraries, etc.

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A repository for the Cherryhill Park community in Knoxville, TN

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The content behind MDN Web Docs

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A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for predictable code

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Notes etc. on dev related stuff

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Gigya JavaScript REST SDK

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A repository for all thing Hoop & Loops

created tagJordanShurmer/LDflex-rdflib


rdflib.js query support for the LDflex language

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Jordan Shurmer

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Add build files to repo so they're available to download through git

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Jordan Shurmer

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bump version just to differentiate from original repo

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rdflib.js query support for the LDflex language

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Re-Publish the npm package

Any plan to republish to npm?

The current version in npm is using an old version of rdflib, which is incorrectly exporting itself as an esm module.

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The content behind MDN Web Docs

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