Jonathan Mace JonathanMace MPI-SWS Saarbrücken, Germany Faculty at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS). My research group uses GitLab for our projects:

tracingplane/tracingplane-java 29

Java implementation of the Tracing Plane -- Baggage Contexts and Execution-Flow Scoped Variables

JonathanMace/tpcds 11

TPC-DS benchmarks including data generation with Spark and queries with Spark

JonathanMace/bigdatasurvey 5

A survey of open-source big data platforms, centering around the Hadoop ecosystem.

JonathanMace/tracingplane-opentracing 4

An OpenTracing Tracer implementation backed by Baggage Buffers

JonathanMace/JavaQueryThreadClockCycles 1

A simple Java JNI implementation that gives high-accuracy per-thread CPU cycle information. MIT licensed.

JonathanMace/pivot-tracing-website 1

Website for Pivot Tracing project. Repository contains website files only.

JonathanMace/PivotTemplate 1

Template for Pivot Tracing doc website ( and for use with couscous (

JonathanMace/xtrace-cpp 1

Barebones C++ implementation of X-Trace compatible with latest brown tracing framework + baggage version

JonathanMace/xtrace-server 1

X-Trace Server and Docker Container

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