Jason Morse JasonVMo @microsoft I work on native UX platforms in Microsoft Office.

dzearing/theme-proto 0

Testing ideas for theming

JasonVMo/beachball 0

The Sunniest Semantic Version Bumper

JasonVMo/fabric-color-playground 0

Just a play project for colors

JasonVMo/fluent-ui-react-staging-1 0

Fluent UI React staging temporary ground

JasonVMo/fluentui-react-native 0

A react-native control library aligned with office-ui-fabric-react

JasonVMo/just 0

The task library that just works

JasonVMo/lage 0

Task runner in JS monorepos

JasonVMo/office-ui-fabric-react 0

React components for building experiences for Office and Office 365.

JasonVMo/react-native-website 0

The site and docs for React Native

JasonVMo/rome 0

An experimental JavaScript toolchain