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Ivan Jovanovic IvanJov @montecha @nearform Belgrade, Serbia Senior software engineer, JavaScript lover

IvanJov/node-on-http2 31

Express, Koa and Hapi on HTTP2

IvanJov/cycle-js-http-tutorial 5

Example code for Cycle.js HTTP tutorial

IvanJov/claudia-api-builder-example 2

An example project for claudia-api-builder article

IvanJov/domainr-api 2

🌎 Unofficial Promise-based Domainr API client for NodeJS

IvanJov/awesome-remote-job 1

A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

IvanJov/claudia-api-builder-dynamo-db-example 1

Example code for an article on

donovanh/react-server-demo 0

React server with SSR and create react app

IvanJov/angular-book-app 0

📚 Simple Angular/NodeJS Book app

IvanJov/app-config 0

A demo app for application configuration