Indhu Sivaramakrishnan Indhukrishna Microsoft

Indhukrishna/AppveyorTest 0

This is a repository for me to play around with Appveyor

Indhukrishna/azure-powershell 0

Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Indhukrishna/azure-sdk-for-net 0

Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET

Indhukrishna/DscExtDiags 0

DSC and DSC Extension Diagnostics

Indhukrishna/nContainer 0

Resources for setting up containers in Server TP3

Indhukrishna/PowerShell 0

PowerShell for every system!

Indhukrishna/PowerShell-Docs 0

The official PowerShell DSC documentation sources

Indhukrishna/PowerYaml 0

Powershell wrapper for Yaml.Net

Indhukrishna/Wunderlist 0

PowerShell Wunderlist Module