Hussain Ali Akbar HussainAliAkbar @RideAirlift Pakistan Senior Software Engineer @ Airlift Technologies. Proficient in NodeJs, Typescript, Mysql and Postgres. Learning AWS!

mowaiskalam/koa2-typeorm-boilerplate 3

Koa2 TS Boilerplate with typeorm

aitchkhan/koa2-ts-quickstart 2

Koa2 quickstart with TypeScript

HussainAliAkbar/koa-request-trimmer 2

A koa middleware to trim incoming requests.

HussainAliAkbar/awsCodePipeline-ecs-sample 1

A forked Docker + Node "Hello World" example for demonstrating awsCodePipeline and ECS Integration

HussainAliAkbar/blockChain-js 0

The best way to learn about blockchains is to build one yourself!