Mohamed Ayman Hamada14 Alexandria, Egypt o/ Hi

k-alkiek/HWI 3

How was it ? A platform for sharing experiences.

Hamada14/algorithms 1

Algorithms & Data structures in C++.

Hamada14/Chess-Project 1

A Chess game made in the C language as an Introduction to CS project.

Hamada14/HTTP-1.1-WebServer 1

Yet Another Web Server

Hamada14/YAAC 1

Yet Another Android Calculator. It was basically an exercise to get introduced to Android

Hamada14/Bookstore 0

Bookstore management system using MySQL DB and JavaFx as GUI.

Hamada14/Circus-Of-Plates 0

A 2D game using Java

Hamada14/cs231n 0

stanford cs231n 2016 assignment