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Greg "GothAck" Miell GothAck United Kingdom, Europe Goth! GothAck? Ack. Nerd of many things: JS, Node, developer tooling, electronics, Arduino, ARM Cortex M, CAN, car hacking.

GothAck/forms-mongoose 57

Automatic Forms generation from Mongoose Models

calaldees/KaraKara 24

Karaoke Event System - Attendees can view and queue tracks from their mobile phones

GothAck/FlatRPC 15

A C++ RPC library built upon FlatBuffers and ZeroMQ

calaldees/TeachProgramming 5

A dynamic website with activities to teach the basics of programming

GothAck/hifimems-kmod 2

Simple driver for Hifiberry and ICS43432 MEMS microphone compatible hardware

calaldees/MultiPong 1

A multi screen distributed Pong game

GothAck/Civicboom-hActivate 1

The Civicboom Team's hActivate Repository

GothAck/connect-cache 1

Caching system for Connect framework

GothAck/ejs 1

Embedded JavaScript templates for node

GothAck/express 1

Sinatra inspired web development framework for node.js -- insanely fast, flexible, and simple