Gemba/mvn-dd 4

Downloads Maven artifacts with all dependencies

Gemba/AndroidCupsPrint 0

Port of cups4j to Android

Gemba/EmulationStation 0

A Fork of Emulation Station for RetroPie. Emulation Station is a flexible emulator front-end supporting keyboardless navigation and custom system themes.

Gemba/mk_arcade_joystick_rpi 0

Raspberry PI kernel module for arcade joystick on GPIO and MCP23017

pull request commentRetroPie/EmulationStation

Enables Launch and Next also in Slideshow Screensaver

Thanks for reviewing and considering it useful for the trunk.


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pull request commentRetroPie/RetroPie-Setup

joy2key - added repeat support for easier navigation of large menus

Hmmm. If this change relates to my suggested changes feel free to yank some parts of it for your change here. I tested my proposed change and it works correctly with D-pad as well as with analog hat.


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