George Jose G2Jose Drop Toronto Engineering Manager @ Drop Previously Senior Consultant @ Deloitte Digital UW Mechatronics Engineering

G2Jose/AmbienceHue 14

A python script to change Hue lightbulb colors based on what's displayed on the screen. [Mac].

G2Jose/ObjectClassifier 13

An iOS swift app that detects objects using machine learning (CoreML, Vision)

G2Jose/Liooon-Not-a-Liooon-Classifier 11

A troll app to check if an object seen by your camera is a lion. Uses iOS CoreML, Vision APIs

G2Jose/haproxy 2

My haproxy setup for

G2Jose/livetransit 2

A google maps overlay showing the current location of all TTC streetcars and buses.

G2Jose/open-source-ios-apps 1

Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps

G2Jose/accelorometerML 0

This app will record user's phone movements, aim is to use machine learning to learn and predict what the movements are

G2Jose/cryptoholdings 0

CLI to show crypto holdings at a glance

issue commenttensorflow/tfjs

node-pre-gyp info This Node instance does not support builds for N-API v6 using Electron and tfjs-node

node-pre-gyp info This Node instance does not support builds for N-API version 6

Have this exact same issue on @tensorflow/tfjs-node 2.0.1


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