FlexMonkey/Blurable 911

Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions

FlexMonkey/CartoonEyes 155

Composite Cartoon Eyes over Face from Front Camera with CoreImage

FlexMonkey/CoreImageForSwiftPlaygrounds 75

CoreImage For Swift Playgrounds

FlexMonkey/CoreImageHelpers 69

Syntactic sugar for displaying CIImage using OpenGL and grabbing CIImages from iOS cameras

FlexMonkey/AudioKitNodality 65


FlexMonkey/3D-Motion-Controller 64

Using MultipeerConnectivity and CoreMotion to allow an iPhone to act as a 3D mouse for an iPad app

FlexMonkey/AdvancedTouch 47

Swift Advanced Touch Handling in iOS9: Coalescing and Prediction

FlexMonkey/AudioSynthesis 46

CoreAudio for Sound Synthesis Demonstration

FlexMonkey/DeepPressGestureRecognizer 34

UIGestureRecognizer for recognising deep press 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

FlexMonkey/CoreImagePerspectivePlayground 27

Core Image Perspective Playground

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iOS 12 CIKernel Filters CRASH

My version is ancient! You should use Apple's code over mine 🙂


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iOS 12 CIKernel Filters CRASH

Many of the Filters Including EightBit, CRT, Bayer Dither, Lens Flare, Lens Correction etc. based on CIKernel are crashing due to new changes.

ERROR: parameter has unexpected type 'vec4' (should be a sampler type) vec2 uv = samplerCoord(image);

This seems to be a common error message among most crashing filters. please check.

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iOS 12 CIKernel Filters CRASH

I'd suggest looking at Apple's own histogram specification sample -


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