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Edixon Piña EdixonAlberto @gestsol Venezuela Electronic Enginner | Software Developer

EdixonAlberto/instagrapi 6

Library to obtain information from an Instagram account in a friendly and intuitive way

EdixonAlberto/api-dicabeg 2

Api RESTful to the application mobile Dicabeg

EdixonAlberto/config-vuejs 1

CRUD con Vuejs - Webpack - MongoDB

EdixonAlberto/control-electrificador 1

APP WEB para el control remoto de un electrificador de cercas

EdixonAlberto/db-dicabeg 1

APP WEB donde se almacenan y se cargan los archivos estáticos consumidos por la app dicabeg

EdixonAlberto/doc-wikichain 1

Una enciclopedia en español dedicada al mundo de las criptomonedas y el blockchain.

EdixonAlberto/login-blade 1

Login basic with php, laravel/blade and stylus

EdixonAlberto/api-email-sendgrid 0

Api to send email through of service the Sendgrid


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fork yograterol/open-ethereum-pool

High Efficient mining pool designed for ETC coin

fork in 2 days


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created repositoryLeonidasEsteban/elisa-porfolio

Este podría ser tu portafolio :)

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created repositoryStydeNet/laravel-collection-api-demo

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created repositorydrehimself/lc-voting

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created repositorydenoland/icu

For floating patches on top of

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created repositorydotmsn/web-client

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created repositorysammwyy/tech-assets

Yes, you can use these icons for your project or your presentation.

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fork rauchg/vite

Next generation frontend tooling. It's fast!

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fork yograterol/django-reference-implementation

Our production-ready reference implementation for Django Projects

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fork RomuloDevelop/register-react

APP WEB con React y backend con Firebase para el registro y almacenamiento de usuarios

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created repositoryalcalawil/write-app

A simple app to write whatever your thougths, without distractiosn, and keeping track of them, think of it as your autobiography auto b

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created repositoryyograterol/test-new-website

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created repositoryjulianduque/trailhead-intro-nodejs

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fork yograterol/xmrig

RandomX, CryptoNight, AstroBWT and Argon2 CPU/GPU miner

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created repositoryjulianduque/heroku-lwc-playground

A playground app for LWC on Heroku

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