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rianjs/ 474

ical.NET - an open source iCal library for .NET

DmitriySelischev/aldryn-search 0

Haystack 2.0 search index for django CMS

DmitriySelischev/ClientServer4Net 0

Kickstart library that helps quickly up customized client and server

DmitriySelischev/CSV.NET 0

Small, fast and flexible library for working with CSV and TSV files

DmitriySelischev/django 0

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

DmitriySelischev/djangocms-apphook-setup 0

Library to help auto setup of apphoks on first project run

DmitriySelischev/djangocms-fullslider 0

FullSlider plugin for Django CMS

DmitriySelischev/docker-django 0

Django hosted with gunicorn behind nginx