David Albertson Diastro Microsoft Bellevue, WA

zlsa/atc 345

Azure/azure-linux-extensions 232

Linux Virtual Machine Extensions for Azure

Diastro/Zeek 118

Python distributed web scrapper and dynamic crawler

Azure/service-fabric-mesh-preview 88

Service Fabric Mesh is the Service Fabric's serverless offering to enable developers to deploy containerized applications without managing infrastructure. Service Fabric Mesh , aka project “SeaBreeze” is currently available in private preview. This repository will be used for tracking bugs/feature requests as GitHub issues and for maintaining the latest documentation.

Azure/custom-script-extension-linux 83

Azure Custom Script Virtual Machine Extension :new:

Diastro/github-colors 34

Github programming language colors based on Github's linguist's languages.yml

Diastro/LBE-OperatingSystem 31

Learn by example : Operating system

Diastro/AzureAutomation-PythonExamples 7

Python example runbooks for Azure automation

Diastro/android-minimalist-clock 5

Minimalist clock android wallpaper. Experiments with libgdx.

Diastro/cat 5

Elasticsearch based chrome activity tracker