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Albert Weinert DerAlbertCom Cologne, Germany

aspnetde/UrlRewritingNet 30

Easy and reliable rewriting of URLs with ASP.NET

DerAlbertCom/ApereaFramework 8

My Base Framework for nearly every project

DerAlbertCom/FluentMetadata 5

FluentMetadata for Models with Composition and Validation for ASP.NET MVC 2&3, FluentNHibernate and Entity Framework 4 CodeFirst with Feature CTP 4

DerAlbertCom/CodingDojo-StopWatch 4

A Stopwatch for CodingDojos, with changing Teams (Randori Style)

DerAlbertCom/AdvancedMVC 3

Advanced using of ASP.NET MVC, Source from my Talks. Slides

DerAlbertCom/DNUG 2

Website from the .net user group Köln

DerAlbertCom/Machine.Fakes.Mvc 1

MVC Specific Mocking additions for Machine.Fakes

DerAlbertCom/NOUGVideoTemplating 1

A Powershell Scripts which fills an existings Movie Maker Template with the right length of an given screen cast video file

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Albert Weinert

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Complex Assignment are no in a comment

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Albert Weinert

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More Expressions

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issue commentAzure/azure-sdk-for-net

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory, Version=

After two Years ignoring the Bug on your Side the world moved on, AzureGermany is killed, we moved to Global, and .NET Core 3.1 is nearing End of Life. Maybe we need a ServicePrincipal with a Certificate in the future then I will see if the problem still exists. In the meantime I will put the same effort in reproducing the bug as you working on this issue.


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