Danny den Braver DdenBraver @KPMGI Amsterdam Area, Netherlands Consultant, Powershell Enthusiast, Father of 3 amazing kids. Love scripting and facing IT Challenges! My opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.

DdenBraver/DSC-Helper 4

The DSC-Helper Module is created to simplify the creation of an environment using PowerShell DSC Resources (PUSH-Method).

DdenBraver/cDnsServer 1

DnsServer DSC resources to configure and manage a DNS server.

DdenBraver/DemoVMs-Helper 1

Simple scripts on how to use your own desktop/laptop to create a test environment

DdenBraver/azure-quickstart-templates 0

Azure Quickstart Templates

DdenBraver/cActiveDirectory 0

Community fork of the xActiveDirectory Resource Module

DdenBraver/cDFS 0

DSC Resource for configuring Windows Distributed File Sytem (Replication and Namespaces)

DdenBraver/cFailOverCluster 0

Community fork of the xFailOverCluster Resource Module

DdenBraver/cManageCertificates 0

Manage local server certificates