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PeterCynthia CynthiaPeter Dafe Software PortHarcourt, Nigeria Flutter Enthusiast💙💙

CynthiaPeter/A-login-interface 0

Code a UI design I got from uplabs.

CynthiaPeter/Anime-Finder 0

Using the 'soruly /' API, I will be building a super simple app that scans an image of an anime character and tells us some details. I will be building this using using flutter.

CynthiaPeter/Bliionaire-quiz-app 0

A simple quiz app that asks questions and based on answered questions, tells if how much answers you got right.

CynthiaPeter/Blog_App 0

A blog app for the Temi Ajiboye mentorship program

CynthiaPeter/BMI-Calculator 0

This is a sample project on the Angela Yu's course. I hope to take the course and work on the calculator alongside.

CynthiaPeter/Chat-App 0

A demo chat app built with flutter.

CynthiaPeter/CYNTHIA 0

A html designed CV


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fork CynthiaPeter/test

A library for writing unit tests in Dart.

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pull request commentFlutterFlow/flutterflow-docs

Added a new folder for guides and added a Pageview tutorial

Hello Daniel,

The email is the same with this - @***.

Thanks for your help. And we could make use of more help to make the docs better.

Cynthia Peter.

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@CynthiaPeter Can you give us the email you signed up for flutterflow?

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