CravateRouge/qBittorrentSearchPlugins 9

Search plugins to use with qBittorrent

CravateRouge/arachni 1

Web Application Security Scanner Framework

CravateRouge/Shaz2You 1

Imports shazam tags in a youtube playlist

CravateRouge/Amass 0

In-depth Attack Surface Mapping and Asset Discovery

CravateRouge/APL 0

#APL (Acheter Pour Louer) – Outil agrégeant les annonces immobilières pour déterminer la meilleure ville où acheter dans le but de louer

CravateRouge/cordova-plugin-toast 0

Cordova plugin that provides TV Specific functionalities.

CravateRouge/curiosity-aws 0

Simplified version of Curiosity for an AWS project

CravateRouge/IPTV-feather 0

An application acting as a platform for IPTV streams made with Javascript to run on samsung smart TV with cordova

CravateRouge/JeVaisLeFaire 0

Best battleship ever