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ahuang-cs/CISC191 12

CISC191: Intermediate Java Programming

CobaltSpace/APCS-Hey-its-us 0

Platforming RPG

CobaltSpace/AutoEq 0

Automatic headphone equalization from frequency responses

CobaltSpace/darkreader 0

Dark Reader Chrome and Firefox extension

CobaltSpace/tModLoader-QualityOfLifeRecipes 0

Quality of Life: Recipes intends to recreate, add to, and improve the recipes introduced by Quality of Life.

CobaltSpace/vim-cmake 0

Vim plugin to make working with CMake a little nicer

created repositoryDaveParillo/cisc187-examples

created time in 8 days


started time in 10 days

fork lefticus/Cpp_Swig_Ruby_Python_MCVE

C++ SWIG Wrappers: passing info from Ruby bindings to Python bindings via Pycall

fork in 10 days


started time in a month

created repositorylefticus/i2c_hacking

created time in a month

created repositoryAyilay/CPUTempMonitor

A python applet that monitors my CPU temperature and blares a warning siren when it gets too hot

created time in a month

fork DaveParillo/complex

An interactive textbook based on Think Complexity by Allen Downey.

fork in 2 months


started time in 2 months

created repositoryDaveParillo/test_lib

created time in 2 months

created repositoryDaveParillo/test_app

created time in 2 months

created repositoryAyilay/SinkWaterHeater

Firmware for Arduino that powers our hot water re-circulation system

created time in 3 months