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Kim Thoenen Chive Sherpany Zurich DevOps Team Lead at Sherpany

Chive/django-multiupload 258

Dead simple drop-in multi file upload field for Django forms using HTML5's multiple attribute.

Chive/django-poll-app 39

An unofficial solution to django poll app tutorial at

Chive/ask 4

Easy input validation in python

Chive/docker-workshop-djangocon-budapest 2

Notes and Project from the Docker Workshop I have given at DjangoCon Budapest 2016

Chive/django-jet 1

Modern responsive template for the Django admin interface with improved functionality

Chive/blog-old 0

Ghost's default theme (Casper) on Jekyll

Chive/chowdown 0

Simple recipes in Markdown format


started time in 3 days

fork Chive/Discord-S.C.U.M

A Discord API Wrapper for Userbots/Selfbots written in Python.

fork in 2 months