Vincenzo Castiglia CastixGitHub @axant Turin, Italy Python, Web Development, TurboGears2, Racket, LISP

CastixGitHub/lowbatteryalarm 5

Play a song when your laptop battery is almost empty

CastixGitHub/m3u_maker 2

Finds music files inside source folders recursively, makes a m3u file without metadata

axant/molepaw 1

An easy and flexible tool to extract and mash up data from different sources and analyze, to visualize them to gain actionable info

axant/tgapp-permissions 1

Pluggable Application to manage permissions and assign users to groups

axant/tgapp-tgcomments 1

TurboGears2 pluggable application for comments to entities with facebook sharing

axant/tgext.celery 1

tgext.celery is a TurboGears2 extension that integrates celery into a turbogears application

axant/python-jwt 0

JSON Web Token library for Python


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