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Bullettoothtobi/articlecorrection 0

Autocorrection for articles in english documents using neural networks

Bullettoothtobi/bughunter 0

A simple and lightweight bugtracking system.

Bullettoothtobi/docker-httpd 0

docker Httpd Apache

Bullettoothtobi/elastic-beanstalk-docs 0

This repository contains tutorials, code samples, and .ebextensions for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Bullettoothtobi/k8s 0

Some important production-grade Kubernetes Ops Services

Bullettoothtobi/linkerd2 0

A service mesh for Kubernetes and beyond. Main repo for Linkerd 2.x.

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Silex Docker Development environment (using Crane)

issue commentaws/aws-cdk

Be able to change AZ count on already deployed VPC (constructs need to be able to keep state)

I'm trying to remove my Isolated subnet and am running into the same issue. CDK deployment wants to create all subnets from scratch, rather than just removing the one I want to get rid of. This causes the issue with the CIDRs already in use.


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issue commentaws/aws-cdk

(aws-ecs): can't update ECS cluster because of "capacity provider is in use"

Same here: putClusterCapacityProviders SDK error: The specified capacity provider is in use and cannot be removed.

Here is the important part of the diff which is causing this: [+] AWS::ECS::ClusterCapacityProviderAssociations [~] AWS::ECS::Cluster TestEcsCluster TestEcsCluster12345 └─ [-] CapacityProviders └─ ["FARGATE","FARGATE_SPOT"]

This is happening since I updated CDK to 1.111.0 from 1.104.0.


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