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AzureAdvocateBit/12factor-1 0

Showing how to create a Tweleve-Factor app using ASP.NET Core and Team Services.

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「これ猫食べれますかbot ( )」の Clova 連携

AzureAdvocateBit/20-years-of-R-1 0

Twenty Years of R (Presentation)

AzureAdvocateBit/24HourTimePicker 0

A 24 Hour Time Picker for Xamarin.Forms

AzureAdvocateBit/25-days-of-serverless-1 0

Repository responsible for 25 days of Serverless challenges

AzureAdvocateBit/25daysofserverless-day16-1 0

Solutions to #25DaysofServerles challenges 🐍

AzureAdvocateBit/30DaysOfUnrealEngine 0

30 days of Unreal Engine Development journey of 2 HoloLens Developers.

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5 skills AI Teams don't talk about that make them more successful Many things make AI projects a success - but what are the subtle areas that are less spoken about? In this 30 min session we will explore a new theme every 5 mins (so bring your coffee with you!). Ranging from choosing and experimenting with new AI technologies, to the importance of storytelling with data so everyone understands your project and outcomes. To illustrate each theme we will explore services and tooling from Microsoft Azure that support your AI Solutions throughout their lifecycle. This session will not be the end of your journey, but just the start - I hope to inspire you to want to learn more and help recommend some concrete next steps.

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Azure AD samples