Emma Fabre Anahkiasen madewithlove Bretagne, France Developer for @madewithlove Mother of Dragibus and Protector of the Realm

Anahkiasen/flatten 339

A package to flatten any website to plain HTML

Anahkiasen/polyglot 136

Laravel localization and translation helper

Anahkiasen/html-object 128

A set of classes to create and manipulate HTML objects abstractions

Anahkiasen/flickering 51

A modern PHP interface for the Flickr API

Anahkiasen/cookie-monster 33

A rehosted, cleaned up and updated version of the CookieMonster plugin.

Anahkiasen/fakable 25

Allows the creation and seeding of fake Eloquent models

Anahkiasen/arrounded 23

A set of self-aware Laravel abstracts that know their way around

Anahkiasen/janitor 20

Dust off your Laravel applications

Anahkiasen/illuminage 19

Wrapper for the Imagine library that manages caching of images

Anahkiasen/registry 15

The Laravel Packages Registry

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Emma Fabre

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issue commentrocketeers/rocketeer

Dead Project?

Hi, yes the project is indeed dead, I'm not putting it read only as I often see people helping each other in issues but reconsidering it as clearly people still get confused. Depending on your use case I'd go for either Deployer or use CD pipelines which is what we do on our end nowadays and part of the reason why this project was abandoned (as we had no use for it anymore).


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pull request commentmadewithlove/prettier-plugin-reasonml

Allow users to choose the path to `refmt`.

@jibingeo Should be good now if I didn't forget how to tag NPM packages since -.-


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issue commentRaicuparta/nomai-vr

Add ability to toggle tools visibility

Nice! Eager to try it, thanks!


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issue commentcypress-io/cypress

Select / highlight text

Yeah I used this Gist successfully on a selection-heavy project test suite and encountered no real issue, I'd be fine if this was the code used for official support despite its potential limitations, it's still better than no support


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issue commentRaicuparta/nomai-vr

Add ability to toggle tools visibility

I think only showing the tools when you get your hands close to them would be a nice natural way to handle it! Prevents having yet another button and should be very intuitive


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issue openedRaicuparta/nomai-vr

Hide tools

It's very cool to have the tools around my belt, however a lot of the time when trying to take the scenery in, they take a significant portion of my view.

Is there still a button that has no binding that could be used to hide/show them on demand? Or an option to place them lower or something. It's particularly problematic when trying to land somewhere as if you look down, the tools obstruct greatly your view and it can become hard to see where you're landing.

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issue commentRaicuparta/nomai-vr

Ice reflection only visible in one eye until player is very close

Unless I'm mistaken I believe this is also happening to the tornadoes on Giant's Deep, or at least there's the same kind of eye-dependant reflections issues there


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