AmrReda/nginx-dotnetcore-example 11

Nginx Reverse Proxy to ASP.NET Core – Separate Docker Containers

AmrReda/PixelSenseLibrary 3

PixelSenseLibrary is a collection of helpful controls, utilities, and samples useful for multi-touch and NUI development with WPF 4 and PixelSense. PixelSenseLibrary currently is focused on WPF 4 multi-touch development, including both Win7 Touch and Microsoft PixelSense

AmrReda/CloseSVIOnSizeChangedBehavior 1

This sample demonstrate Close ScatterViewItem if it's re-sized to its minimum based on Microsoft Surface 2 SDK

AmrReda/ImageViewer 1

ImageViewer It's a microsoft surface application that enable users to manipulate images

AmrReda/MergingSVISample 1

A sample of merging between two ScatterViewItems in Microsoft Surface 2.0 Application

AmrReda/Retailing-Surface-App 1

Retailing App for Microsoft Surface