Amna Ejaz AmnaEjaz Software Engineer, Community Lead at Facebook Developers Circle, Karachi. JavaScript | Angular | Flutter

AmnaEjaz/Angular-JS-coursera 2

The project is the on-going excercise of the FULL STACK APP DEVELOPMENT COURSE from

AmnaEjaz/Handling-URLs-using-Nodejs 1

This project takes URLs query and then extract titles of the URLs provided

AmnaEjaz/agent 0

Optimizely X Full Stack Agent

AmnaEjaz/Angular-4-ecommerce-site-with-firebase-auth 0

Added with cart functionality and product listing

AmnaEjaz/CRUD-App-on-Flutter 0

Simple Product Listing App on Flutter with add, edit, delete options

AmnaEjaz/developerFolio 0

Software Developer Portfolio Template that help you showcase your work and skills as a software developer ⚡️

AmnaEjaz/DS_Weekends 0

DS Weekend events by Pakistan.AI in Karachi recreated for everyone around the world!


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created repositoryAhsanAyaz/ng-started-dsc-uet

Repository for the workshop held for DSC UET for Angular beginners.

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fork AhsanAyaz/ayat-today

A chrome extension to replace new tab with a random Ayah from the Holy Quran

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