Jacob Ajacmac Nova Scotia, Canada

Ajacmac/book 0

The Rust Programming Language

Ajacmac/flixel-docs 0

Documentation for HaxeFlixel

Ajacmac/html-critical-webpack-plugin 0

A webpack plugin that will extract critical CSS. Now supports Webpack v4.

Ajacmac/multirust 0

[DEPRECATED] A tool for managing multiple Rust installations

Ajacmac/open-source-cs 0

Video discussing this curriculum:

Ajacmac/opencv 0

Open Source Computer Vision Library

Ajacmac/perfect 0

The only perfect piece of software

Ajacmac/portfolio 0

My portfolio website.

Ajacmac/rust 0

A safe, concurrent, practical language.

Ajacmac/tris-webpack-boilerplate 0

Tinkering in progress

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My portfolio website.

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