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Aidan Dang AidanGG Melbourne, Australia Research software developer and tutor for computing, physics and engineering at The University of Melbourne

AidanGG/tensorflow_tmva 30

A proof of concept adapter to use Google's TensorFlow in place of ROOT's TMVA.

AidanGG/caprine 0

Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app

AidanGG/hrir 0

Assembles HRIRs for virtual surround.

AidanGG/mps_tomo 0

Entry for Qiskit Camp Asia 2019

AidanGG/quimb 0

A python library for quantum information and many-body calculations including tensor networks.

AidanGG/scipy 0

Scipy library main repository

push eventAidanGG/winit

Aidan Dang

commit sha eade937394ec4ad9fb65dafa43fb5b940c4b9b91

Update changelog for Wayland CursorIcon::Hand

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PR opened rust-windowing/winit

Load "hand2" and "hand1" cursor icons for Wayland CursorIcon::Hand
  • [ ] Tested on all platforms changed
  • [ ] Compilation warnings were addressed
  • [ ] cargo fmt has been run on this branch
  • [ ] cargo doc builds successfully
  • [ ] Added an entry to if knowledge of this change could be valuable to users
  • [ ] Updated documentation to reflect any user-facing changes, including notes of platform-specific behavior
  • [ ] Created or updated an example program if it would help users understand this functionality
  • [ ] Updated feature matrix, if new features were added or implemented

As per the X11 implementation the Wayland implementation should load cursors hand2 and hand1, since some cursor themes such as Breeze do not ship an icon named hand.

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push eventAidanGG/winit

Aidan Dang

commit sha 07a6fb40159e297d829ada477654f90f3a341a89

Load "hand2" and "hand1" for Wayland

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fork AidanGG/winit

Window handling library in pure Rust

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pull request commentgoogle/jax

Implement scipy.polar

Very cool, that gives the flexibility to perform SVD via QDWH-based polar decomposition and eigh, as an alternative to divide-and-conquer or QR iteration.


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