Chris Shellenbarger 64BitChris CloudRepo San Francisco, CA Founder at CloudRepo. Formerly a principal engineer at Microsoft - now learning all the other aspects of startup life.

64BitChris/cljs-example 2

Example Using ClojureScript

64BitChris/intellij-leiningen-plugin 2

A plugin for JetBrains' IntelliJ IDE supporting the Leiningen build system.

64BitChris/clojure 1

The Clojure programming language

64BitChris/dl-learner-web-application 1

A New Web Application For DL-Learner

64BitChris/friend 1

An extensible authentication and authorization library for Clojure Ring web applications and services.

64BitChris/noir 1

A framework for writing web applications in clojure.

64BitChris/angular-sailsjs-boilerplate 0

'Boilerplate' for AngularJS + Sails.js

64BitChris/angular2-jwt-authentication-example 0

Angular 2 JWT Authentication Example

64BitChris/aws-cfn-template-flip 0

Tool for converting AWS CloudFormation templates between JSON and YAML formats.

64BitChris/azure-storage-java 0

Windows Azure Storage libraries for Java