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Elliot Cameron 3noch @airtonomy Jeffersonville, IN Interested in functional programming, category theory, type theory, formal verification, Nix, UX, ☕

3noch/beam-postgres-transaction-monad 5

Very basic transaction monad on top of the venerable Beam library

3noch/dotfiles 3

Dot files and nix configuration for my systems

3noch/drifter-project-m36 3

Drifter migration backend for Project:M36

3noch/chess-finder-servant-demo 2

Demo app for Haskell Servant

3noch/align 1

A command-line tool that aligns the columns of tabular input

3noch/corona-articles 1

Edited articles by Alberto Gómez Corona

3noch/ 1

Slides for "An Introduction to Functional Programming in Python"

3noch/haskell-hacks 1

Random Haskell snippets.

3noch/ 0

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